When I first started out writing, I wanted to write comedy. I had grown up on a healthy diet of Black Adder, the Young Ones and the Comic Strip Presents. Ben Elton was my hero, Richard Curtis was making movies and I saw Bad News on tour, so it made sense that my first attempt at writing a novel was in the similar vein. The result was a romantic comedy called Martin's Pencil, about a student who becomes an animal rights activist in a shallow attempt to impress his girlfriend's best friend.

No one wanted to know. When I tried to work out why, all the advice I received said that if you want a real chance at being published, you should write crime or psychological thrillers. And I really wanted to be published, so that's what I did. 

I switched to writing crime fiction. Crime writing led to gritty YA, which got me my first deal. The gritty YA led to children's, children's opened the doors to writing comedy, which bounced me right back to square one. So now I'm taking a fresh look at writing for an adult audience and guess what? I still love Black Adder and the Young Ones and Ben Elton is still my hero. 

So I'm writing romantic comedy all over again, and I'm loving it. Here's the first in a new series.


A Phoney Medium
Simon is a fake. Even with sound effects and social media, he fails to ride the wave of his mother's success. People genuinely believed in his mother's psychic ability. With her help, Simon could get out of the hole he’s dug himself. Trouble is, Simon’s mother absolutely despises her son as well as his unscrupulous methods.

A Reluctant YouTuber
Hannah can’t bear cameras. She doesn’t even like her photo taken - how in the world is she going to present a gardening show on YouTube? But with an overpowering boss who doesn’t take no for an answer, a job hanging in the balance and an inside saboteur, it doesn’t make for an easy escape plan.

Two people.
Two Problems.
One big fat lie.

The Wishing Brick is a quick paced romantic comedy about love, deception and a family feuds.


Comedy horror for children, targeted at Key Stage 2 readers. Fun little project with a tongue in cheek nod to one of my favourite goth/metal bands. 

2018 / 2019

Buttercup Sunshine was meant to be a four-book series. Unfortunately, the series was cut short, leaving readers (and author!) frustrated. Unfortunately, that's the reality of publishing. Publishers take risks when they try something new and sometimes it doesn't pay off. 


This YA thriller, told through four characters, was bought by the same publisher as Arabesque. Unfortunately, the publisher hit financial difficulties and despite having a release date, the book never made it to the shelves. When the rights reverted, I brought it out independently. 


A YA crime thriller / murder mystery. My agent absolutely loved this but couldn't find a suitable home. In the end, I brought it out myself just to have a play with self publishing and see if was as much fun as it looked. I had a blast.


My second YA crime thriller focused on two teenage gymnast involved in a botched kidnapping. When one of the girls manages to disarm the leader of a larger criminal gang, his response is more interest than alarm. He could use a girl like that.  

CLASH - 2011

The book that started my writing career. Having been told that writing comedy would get me nowhere, I tried writing crime. I never even knew what Young Adult fiction was, I just wrote a story about an eleven year old boy who gets on the wrong side of the class psycho. Essentially a coming of age novel with elements of comedy, horror and crime. I never imagined it would be taken on; in fact, I only sent it out to agents because I didn't know what else to do with it. An agent got back to me within a week. Soon I had the best editor ever on-board and the book went from strength to strength. 

The launch party was a blast. I booked the local Arts Centre. Because of one of the themes in the book, a fire crew (with a fire engine) turned up in support. We had a teen rock called Hell's Marauders playing while I signed books - they even got me up on stage to sing Anarchy in the UK. Childhood dream come true!

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