About Me

This is me, doing my best impression of a potato

I've always enjoyed creative writing - I sent my first book off when I was just thirteen years old. I never imagined it would take another twenty-seven years to get something published.

The picture below is Matthew - the eldest of my three sons. Matthew was the driving force behind me putting the work in to become an author. 

On Roker beach - when Matthew was small and I had hair.

I got my first break with a Young Adult crime thriller called Clash. This was followed up with three others before I moved onto stories for younger children. 

Recently, I decided to take a step back from children's fiction and to write something for an adult audience. And as I enjoyed the comic aspect of the children's stories more than the gritty urban realism of YA crime, I chose to continue with the comic theme. The result is a romantic comedy novel - find out more in the BOOKS section.

But now, as this section is about me, here are a few random pictures.

Me and Matthew at Wooky Hole

Matthew at Seven Stories - one of my favourite pics.

Having a blurry head day

Appearing on The Weakest Link.
I got kicked off in the 2nd round.

I've put up lots of posts about Matthew over the years. Some I've archived, some I've kept live. But I want to keep a link here to the last post I wrote about him so I can always find it.