About Me

TA by day. Crime Fighter  Author by night.

I've always enjoyed creative writing - I sent my first book off when I was just thirteen years old. I never imagined it would take another twenty-seven years to get something published.

For my day-time job, I work as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school. I've been in the same school for fourteen years. Love the place and the kids. Out of school and away from the laptop, I love movies, especially disaster movies and old-school horror as well as very silly comedy. Musical taste is mainly 80s thrash metal and Goth.

On Roker beach - when Matthew was small and I had hair.
That picture on the left is Matthew - the eldest of my three sons. Matthew had severe cerebral palsy and required 24hr care. He had a fabulous sense of humour though. He loved cartoons and slapstick comedy, his gran swearing and people falling over or dropping things. And he loved to laugh. But most of all, he loved cuddles from his mam on an evening while we watched TV or read him stories. In  2015, Matthew's cerebral palsy become too much for his body to cope with and he passed away in his sleep. He went to bed that night relaxed, happy and listening to his favourite stories.

A couple of years ago, wanting a break from Young Adult fiction, I wrote a story purely with Matthew in mind. That book came out as Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of DOOOOOM. It's the kind of story that would definitely have had him cackling away and it felt like I could hear him laughing as I wrote that story. I am so grateful to Maverick Publishing for taking it on and turning it into something that other children can enjoy.

I've put up lots of posts about Matthew over the years. Some I've archived, some I've kept live. But I want to keep a link here to the last post I wrote about him so I can always find it.

So there you go - a general overview of me. Here are a few random pics.

Matthew at Seven Stories - one of my favourite pics.
Having a blurry head day
Appearing on The Weakest Link.
I got kicked off in the 2nd round.