You found me!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Colin Mulhern and I write horrible books for horrible kids.

Click on the menu tabs at the top there and have a look about. I've got a few sections on here.

  • 4 Kids - some writing tips and ideas for creating your own scary stories. (in progress)
  • 4 Parents - some kids find learning to read difficult. I've spent twelve years working in education and have developed a few tips to help and encourage even the most reluctant readers. (in progress)
  • 4 Writers - want to know the whole process? Dive in. A free and simple guide to the world of publishing, from concept to manuscript to the book on the shelf.
  • Artwork - a blast from the past. Some of my illustration work. 
  • Blog - latest news, posts on writing (habits, software, routines) and generally random stuff. 

All the best,
Colin M.