You found me!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Colin Mulhern and I love writing. It's something I've always done and probably always will. Getting published is nice, but really I'm in it for the fun of turning out stories. When I was a kid, I wrote adventure stories, then horror in my teens and a couple of adult crime novels in my twenties.

My first published books were YA thrillers. Clash was first, followed by Arabesque, The Boy Who Buried Dead Things and Here in the Poison Garden.

I moved into younger children's fiction by chance. I've always loved horror, both in movies and fiction and had an idea for a silly story about a fairy tale cottage taking on a zombie attack. I knocked the story out in a few days and sent it direct to Maverick Publishing. The book was published as Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of DOOOOOM. This was followed by a second story called Buttercup Sunshine and the House on Hangman's Hill.

Since then, I've been working on an adult dark fantasy. It's a genre I love to read and one I keep coming back to... More news to come, so keep an eye on the blog for any updates.

All the best,
Colin M.