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Want to be an author and don't have the money for expensive books and courses? You're in the right place. Over the next few pages you'll find a simple, completely free guide to the road to publication, starting from the basics, to plotting, editing, pitch, contracts - right up to publication.

Although I've aimed this at young writers, it's really open to everyone - I've just kept it simple and relatively uncluttered. I've also tried to answer some of the questions that can hold young writers back and show how to avoid the expensive options that many older writers are happy to spend money on.

While there are lots of writing guides out there, I wanted something that boils down the whole journey, from initial idea to publication. All advice is based on my own experiences of the industry from twenty years of doing it all wrong, to the last ten years of getting it right (well, kind of).

So let's get started with Chapter 1: I can't make a book!


As this part of my blog grows, I'll add links to the other pages. Keep coming back.

Colin Mulhern

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