Sunday, 15 August 2021

The Wishing Brick is published... so what next?

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The Wishing Brick is published, but I wrestled and twisted and struggled about what to do with it. A few years back I swore I'd never try the traditional route again, but it's something that is so ingrained, it often feels like I'm doing myself an injustice not to try at least a couple of agents, just to test the water. It doesn't mean I actually have to sign on the dotted line. 

And so, back in May I sent out a few submission. I got one reply from an ex-agent, but it was weeks before any of the others got back to me. 

Naturally, this made me doubt the story I'd sent out. There was a crime subplot that didn't sit right with the genre. It was a big job stripping it out, but the result was a new manuscript with fit the light-hearted nature of the genre I was aiming for. 

In August, I sent it out again, only to receive an automated response: “We hope to get back to you within twelve weeks.”

Twelve weeks

I checked my previous agent submissions, the ones that went out in May. Of the ten agents I sent samples to, only four got back to me. The get-out clause is in their submission guidelines: “If you haven’t heard from us in x weeks, consider it a no.”

Do I really want to wait twelve weeks, just twiddling my thumbs wondering whether or not I’ll even get a reply? Did I ever mention how slow the cogs of traditional publishing move? How little money you actually get? 

I'm itching to move onto something new, but can't because I'll be locked in emotionally limbo over what might or might not happen with this book. 

Sod that. All the work was in place. I’d even done the internal layouts while I was pondering. The only job left was to knock out a cover and upload the thing. And so, less than a week after getting that auto response, my book is published and promoted and even part of the Amazon Storyteller 2021 competition. 

So what next? A sequel? Why not? I've really enjoyed writing in this genre and can't help wondering what's going to happen next. 

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