Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Wishing Brick - Day 5

Things are starting to come together nicely so far. It's very early days but it's nice to see the chapters begin to fill out. I'm trying to go through in order, which means I'm hitting empty space, then a block of pre-writing. The empty space is easy enough, just draft away. In most cases so far, the pre-writing has been completely re-written.

Here's a quick screen shot to show the current state. The orange labels are completed first draft. 

Even at this stage, I'm expanding on the outline. The highlighted chapter (Simon Chapter) and the one two above (also called Simon Chapter) have just been put there as placeholders. So although this is new and I'm doing a brief outline here of what I want in the chapter, I don't bother to go back to the actual outline. There's no point updating that just for the hell of it.  

The first draft chapters are far from polished, so the word count for each is quite low (average 1,000 words).

I've spent about three hours this morning. Might do a bit more this afternoon. But for now...

Current word count for draft: 8,000 words.

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