Monday, 11 June 2018

writing streak - day 8

Good news: no more crashes.
Bad news: my word count is 1,600 less than what my Excel file says it should be.

Despite saying in last night's blog that I was going to leave the current chapter as it is, I wrote a brief, almost throw-away note to myself just before turning off my laptop. It was just a short sentence about scrapping both ideas and doing it completely differently. This morning, I looked at that, had a think and started to plan out a few ideas. At lunch I set up a new approach and tonight wrote the intro to the new scene. It works, and it's better than the original idea that I had so much trouble in ditching.

However, in rewriting that chunk, I've stripped it down from a 2,000 word chapter to something short and rather horrible, so my output has gone up by my Total word count is down. Which means I need to include -1,600 in my Excel document.

More good news - now that this scene is set, I can move forward again with some fresh ideas.

The hardest part about rewriting an old project isn't cutting out the bad stuff, it's cutting stuff you actually like. 

Anyway... stats for day 8

Total today - 900 words (400, 500) and 1,570 deleted.

Which brings down the total so far to - 15,530 words.

Estimated final word count  - 30,000.

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