Sunday, 10 June 2018

writing streak - day 7

Sorted out my Word file first thing this morning. There was definitely a bug in there somewhere. I ended up saving it as .txt file to clean everything out and start over.

Once it was fixed and reformatted, I spent an hour bouncing between Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs trying to decide which is the best option to take it forward. Google Docs is safe and super easy to use, but a fully installed word processor (either LibreOffice or Word) is just faster. Much faster. So, hoping that the problem is fixed, I've gone back to Word. For now.

I didn't get any actual writing done until late afternoon. I managed around 1,800 words, then came to a halt. I realised most of the last 1000 words needs changing. Just doesn't sit right.

Long break. Something to eat, watched Passengers - great movie! - then did another hour, most of which was going round in circles.

The problem is that this story is based on an old project, and there are aspects of that which I still like, but trying to include them feels clunky, and trying to rewrite them feels like I'm letting something genuinely good slip by.

I think tomorrow I'm going to leave it as it is and try to move on. Get the first draft finished, read through and make a decision then. Onwards!

Today's total - 2,470 (1870, 600)

Total so far - 16,200.

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