Saturday, 9 June 2018

writing streak - day 6

There's good and bad about today. I'll get the bad out of the way first.

Bad news

Another computer crash. Whoop whoop. Don't they just make using computers all the more exciting? The extra exciting bit this time was that Word decided NOT to do an autosave, despite all the settings assuring me that it really, really would this time - honest. I didn't lose too much work, but it is annoying. I've got a feeling it could be a problem with the file itself and the strange way Word mixes things up - it's been a bit glitchy ever since I deleted a load of comments, which reappeared for a while. Strike 3 and I switch back to G-Docs.

Good news

Planning and plotting is all good, but you can only plan so much. To plan in full detail is... well, that's writing the thing, isn't it? This morning I had a fairly set plan for a scene that I wasn't really looking forward to writing at all. It felt like a case of writing by numbers, just joining the key points with a few hundred words. That's a warning sign though, it really is. If I find it dull then how can I expect a reader to enjoy it? Once I began writing, the creative bit of my brain kicked in and took over. I ended up with something that isn't only fresh and fun, but adds its own stamp to the main story - to a degree that I've no idea what will happen at the end. I'll deal with that whenever I get there. 

The other good news is that I finally got Age of Mythology to work on Windows 10. Of course, that means I've spent two hours playing AoM when I could have been writing, but some things are just too good to miss.

Not a huge amount of writing done today, but I have done a bit of back-tracking, fixed a few problems and edited along the way. Here's the stats.

Total for day 6 - 2,240 (1000, 350, 850)
Total so far 13,730

(I guess I've slipped a bit. I should be at 18,000 if I was going to complete it in 10 days.)


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