Friday, 8 June 2018

Writing streak - day 5

A fairly low word count today, so here's the main excuses: I'm bouncing back and forth in the script at the moment and I've spent a lot of time writing little rhyming clues that form part of the story (pretty much all I did first thing this morning). 

But I do have another excuse. A really good one, too! We've just started our class Family Assembly, which means a good deal of big voice teaching (or "shouting" to those not working in education), which is sooooo draining. I left work shattered with a beast of a headache. All I really wanted to do when I got in was either go to bed or crack open a few cans and chill. 

Instead, I watched the worst ever Nicholas Cage movie. Paula gave up and went to bed but I had to watch the rest to see if they it would have any kind of ending - it didn't. I only turned the laptop on to have a quick browse over what I'd written at lunch time and ended up doing a quick blast of 800 words. 

So... not fantastic, but it's the weekend tomorrow. I wonder what excuses I'll find then.

Totals for today - 1,800 words.

Total so far - 11,500

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