Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Writing streak - day 3

Grrrrr... Just had a computer crash, losing a chunk of work. Not a big chunk, but enough to be annoying. My own stupid fault for returning to Microsoft Word.

About an hour ago, I thought I'd finish early and call it a day - have a cup of tea, watch a bit of TV and have an early night. Then I realised that my word count so far was 200 words short of 8,000. So, I put the post on hold, opened my document and thought I'd do another ten minutes or so. 250 words later and the screen froze. The only solution was to take a photo on my phone, just in case the auto-save wasn't working (it's messed up in the past).

Hard shut down and restart. Open Word and see that it hadn't auto-saved (despite the settings saying it should). Glad I took the photo now. I wrote it up, saved it and finally can do my post.

I'm exactly 1000 words behind where I should be. That's an average of only 300 words short each day, but it soon mounts up. I'm going to have to do a lot of catch up at the weekend in order to finish this draft in ten days. Still achievable though.

Anyway, stats for today.

Before work - 559
lunch - 920
early evening - 370
late evening - 1070

Words written on day 3 - 2,919
Total so far - 8,068

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