Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Writing streak - day 2

Today has been a tricky one. I've put more hours in that I'd like, but that was mainly because I spent the last hour going around and around in circles rewriting the same chunk. 

This, of course, goes against my own advice that writing a first draft is about banging out the words as fast as possible, and that you should leave the editing until later. But with this section being the moment that give the story the first big push, I couldn't leave it alone until it was nailed down. 

Which means I've probably written about 4,000 words and boiled those down to about half that.

Here's the figures.

Morning - 630
Lunch - 650
Evening 1 - quick half hour in front of the TV, resulting in 160 more words

Computer off. Watched a movie - I'm not spending all night writing!

Evening 2 - basic draft - 600
Evening 3 - editing that same draft over and over, resulting in 180 more words.

Words on day 2 - 2,219. Not as many as I'd like, but I've solved a truck-load of niggly problems.

Total so far: 5,149 - so about 850 words behind where I should be, but not bad. I'm quite happy with that.

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