Apart from a few corporate things, Buttercup will be my first published illustration work. 

I went to Art College back in the 90s and got an HND in Graphic Design. I ended up in the computer games industry, but deep down I always wanted to be an illustrator - particularly for children's books. I used to love the line drawings in the Fighting Fantasy books. I always thought that was the mark of a real illustrator, so it feels fantastic that this little dream is coming true. It's hard work though. Being an illustrator is fun, often relaxing, but can be tough too. Much like writing, really.

Buttercup will be that little dream coming true. 

Here's a small portfolio of my student work - back when airbrushing was done with a physical airbrush, a compressor and lots and lots of acrylic paint.

The Troll’s House. This is one of my favourite paintings.

Fashion Illustration. This was one of my first Airbrush pieces.

Bad Bunny. Pencil illustration coloured on computer. Part of a pitch for a game design.

Easter Gone Bad. Pencil illustration coloured on computer. Part of a pitch for a game design.

Naughty Boy. Very silly watercolour.

Typewriter. I love this painting. It’s a painting of the typewriter I had in my teens. The background is made from chopped up horror stories, written on that very typewriter.

Pied Piper. One of a set of three airbrush illustrations.

Doctor Lobotomy. Joke logo for a children’s entertainer. Pen and Ink.

Death. Pen and Ink illustration.

Fire Juggler. Photo - self portrait. c1993