About Me - old

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Colin Mulhern - Teaching Assistant by day and crime fighter writer by night.

So far, I've written four novels for Young Adults (the fourth is out of my hands now, currently in production).

I'm taking a few months out from YA, dabbling with short stories while I prepare the ground for my first adult novel.

I've always enjoyed writing. I sent my first book off when I was thirteen years old and received my first rejection a short time later. I continued to write throughout my teens and twenties, knocking out fantasy and horror yarns, but it wasn't until my thirties that I decided to take writing seriously.

On Roker beach - when Matthew was small and I had hair.
That picture on the left is Matthew - the eldest of my three sons. Matthew had severe cerebral palsy - couldn't walk, talk, sit up or use his hands and required 24hr care. But what he did have was a fabulous sense of humour. He loved cartoons and slapstick comedy, his gran swearing and people falling over or dropping things. But most of all, he loved cuddles from his mam on a night.

Matthew died unexpectedly when he was 16. Eighteen months on and we're still trying to come to terms with it. We probably never will. All he ever wanted was family and something to laugh at.

Although this was always meant to be a writing site, I've put up lots of posts about Matthew over the years. Some I've archived, some I've kept live. But I want to keep a link here to the last post I wrote about him so I can always find it.

Having a disabled child (or young man, as he was) is pretty damn tough. It's physically demanding and emotionally draining, but it's shaped the way I am and gave me an attitude to work and life that is simply this:

Use your time as best you can. 
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Here's a few random pics.
Thirty years ago - me as a teen, writing fantasy stories on
my little typewriter.
Matthew at Seven Stories - one of my favourite pics.
Having a blurry head day
Appearing on The Weakest Link.
I got kicked off in the 2nd round.